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Adopt a dog or a cat from Crete.

Thank you for caring!
20 € / a year


You are warmly welcome to the Cretan Association of Homeless Animals website. We are a Finnish volunteer-based association which relies on donations and membership fees. This is a simple and effective way to help homeless animals. Every euro is precious, when food and medicines are in short supply. For example, in the shelter of Souda there are 300 dogs and over 100 cats that need to be fed every day.
Thank you for caring and getting familiar with our activities!

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Dogs from Souda´s Shelter.

• We spread information to Finns and Cretan about Crete´s homeless animals.

• We help Cretan animal protection organizations by supporting them
  financially and delivering donated goods and medicine. The local animal
  rescue shelters need regularly our help in providing the daily nutrition to
  dogs as well as gathering all kinds of equipment.

• We cooperate with travel agencies. We aim constantly to bring out issues of
  stray animals through media and appointments with local authorities.

• We aim to improve better treatment of the island´s stray animals.
  We spread information about the importance of sterilization and support it.
  Sterilization is a practical, human and ethical way of controlling the amount
  of stray animals.

• The most important collaboration happens with Souda’s Shelter. Our
  newest target to help is Takis’s shelter Takis Shelter. In addition, we also
  help smaller shelters like the shelter of Linda Lucas if needed.

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Registered association in Finland: Kreetan Kodittomat Eläimet ry
(register number 208.763)




Her name is Spithas. She lives in Takis Shelter.• Support our work for the homeless animals by joining our association
  or by making a donation.

• Spread the word about our mission to your friends!

• You can adopt your own Cretan dog or cat from the local shelter.

• You can also donate e.g. dog food or your beach towel to a local shelter
  (your travel agency possibly has a donation basket). Even a small donation
  makes a big difference!

• Please don’t walk by if you see a suffering or abused animal.
  Contact the local animal shelters. You can also contact us via facebook.

• Join us to make Crete even better place for visiting, where both people
  and animals enjoy a good life!


Our brochure!





There are many dogs at shelters still waiting for their own homes. Sylvi is a lucky one. She got a lovely and caring home in Finland.There are a lot of abandoned puppies at the shelters which we hope will find homes. These approximately month-old little guys, Jonah and Ben, were found at a garbage dump. They were lucky and got a place at Takis shelter.

With your donations, we can make sure that animals get off the streets and get the daily diet and medical care they need. 



He couldn´t really walk and he was suffering from hunger after being a long time without food. Elpida´s forelimb was also broken. In a Takis shelter he started to strengthen. Now you can see the joy in Elpida´s eyes and he is full of energy.


There are many dogs at  shelters still waiting for their own homes.
Sylvi is a lucky one. She got a lovely and caring home in Finland. 

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